Carriageworks, Sydney

Our biggest year yet. Tickets sold out in record time and everyone had a blast. Note to self: book 100x more coffee stations...

Speakers included Melanie Perkins (Canva), Mike Cannon Brookes (Atlassian), Craig Barratt (Google), Andre Eikmeier (Vinomofo), Chris Boshuizen (Planet Labs) and Julie Stevanja (Stylerunner)



Rosland Packer Theatre, Sydney

This was our second year and without a doubt the highlight was one of Australia's best young skateboarders - Poppy

Speakers included Jost Stollman (Tyro), Leigh Jasper (Aconex), Poppy, Alan Noble (Netmind Technologies), Simon Tedeschi, Steve Baxter (Pipe Networks), Susan Wu (Stripe Australia) and Renaud Visage (Eventbrite)



Carriageworks, Sydney

The maiden voyage - in 2014 Niki, Rick and Bill had the idea for a startup conference in February and 3 months later they were on stage introducing some of Australia's most successful founders and begining the work of unearthing some of their wonderful stories.